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Rue Darkfang by SupernaturalAbyss Rue Darkfang :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 5 3
Wings of the Heart: Part One: Regret (Chapter 2)
**Kai’s POV**
Kai was in shock. He was standing with one hand outstretched, mouth open. The other had all frozen too. Kai slowly blinked before slowly lowering his hand and closed his mouth. Slowly, everyone returned to sitting, confused by Sehun’s actions.
Kai looked around. Everyone was there except for Tao and Sehun. Tao was in the room he shared with Sehun, and Sehun-- well, he had run out the door.
“Lay, do you still have Sehunnie’s phone?” Kris asked. Lay nodded wordlessly, showing Kris the maknae’s phone, its iridescent black wolf case flickering darkly in the light. Kai groaned and Kris sighed softly.
“Of course…”
“Oh, shit. Now what do we do?” Kai asked, putting his face into his hands. He was terrified for the maknae. Kris sighed again.
“He’ll be alright,” the Chinese leader reassured his friends. Then he heard it. A loud bang, rather like a gun going off.
“Oh God, Sehun!” Changye
:iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 1 1
Wings of the Heart - Part One: Regret (Chapter 1)
Wings of the Heart
Part One: Regret
**Tao’s POV**
“Tao, I want you to promise me something.”
Tao frowned a little, curious about the maknae’s words. He tilts his head to one side.
“Alright, Sehunnie. What is it?”
“Promise me that if anything ever happens to any of the members, including me, you will stay strong for them and never let them see you cry.”
“I promise, Sehunnie,” the other maknae laughed. “But why, if I’m allowed to ask?”
“I just- want to be sure. Just in case.”
Tao studied Sehun’s face, carefully considering the other.
“Alright, Sehun-didi. I promise.”
“Thank you, Tao-gege.”
Tao smiled. Sehun had automatically adopted the Chinese terms.

Even now, two years later, his conversation with the real maknae of Exo made Tao smile. Sehun could make almost anyone smile, and Tao absolutely adored him. And Sehun knew it. The other maknae’s adoration was
:iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 0 0
Yumichika Ayasegawa by SupernaturalAbyss Yumichika Ayasegawa :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 3 3 Dawn Melody and Whisper Breeze by SupernaturalAbyss Dawn Melody and Whisper Breeze :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 0 0 Gale by SupernaturalAbyss Gale :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 1 1 Soi-Fon sketch by SupernaturalAbyss Soi-Fon sketch :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 1 2 Lightning by SupernaturalAbyss Lightning :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 0 0 Hijinx by SupernaturalAbyss Hijinx :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 5 0 Lightning and Hijinx by SupernaturalAbyss Lightning and Hijinx :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 1 0 Link Request by SupernaturalAbyss Link Request :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 1 7 Fire Fly, Cheif Commander of the High Flyers by SupernaturalAbyss Fire Fly, Cheif Commander of the High Flyers :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 3 2 Ggio Vega by SupernaturalAbyss Ggio Vega :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 1 0 Coyote Starrk by SupernaturalAbyss Coyote Starrk :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 1 0 Harribel by SupernaturalAbyss Harribel :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 2 0 Ulquiorra Cifer by SupernaturalAbyss Ulquiorra Cifer :iconsupernaturalabyss:SupernaturalAbyss 2 0


L by The3rdwiseguy L :iconthe3rdwiseguy:The3rdwiseguy 14 2 Rainbow Dash Transformations by Neriani Rainbow Dash Transformations :iconneriani:Neriani 192 50 um by crocelif um :iconcrocelif:crocelif 368 29 Green Socks by Arrkhal Green Socks :iconarrkhal:Arrkhal 360 24 Bubbles by SilviaWinter Bubbles :iconsilviawinter:SilviaWinter 22 0 Aether Flow - Reference sheet by pepooni Aether Flow - Reference sheet :iconpepooni:pepooni 205 21 Kakashi VS Itachi WIP by Conzibar Kakashi VS Itachi WIP :iconconzibar:Conzibar 35 21 Black Rock shooter by Silence--01 Black Rock shooter :iconsilence--01:Silence--01 19 4 Hand-made Death Note by bloajd Hand-made Death Note :iconbloajd:bloajd 28 20 Asuna - SAO by Khaled97 Asuna - SAO :iconkhaled97:Khaled97 189 78 Soul Reaper by Deneky Soul Reaper :icondeneky:Deneky 57 1 Kakashi by Bidule43 Kakashi :iconbidule43:Bidule43 114 21 PH - This arm that hurt you by DrawIfAffinity PH - This arm that hurt you :icondrawifaffinity:DrawIfAffinity 40 9 Mikasa by Legeenda Mikasa :iconlegeenda:Legeenda 270 31 Kiba meets Akamaru by ViivaVanity Kiba meets Akamaru :iconviivavanity:ViivaVanity 106 41 Luka - Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru by EllizabethEller Luka - Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru :iconellizabetheller:EllizabethEller 18 12



() You are emotional and you cry a lot
(x)You always seek adventure
(x)You're into sports and are very active
(x)You're more of a leader
(x)You have dealt with a crush not liking you back
()You're sometimes violent and can get a bit out of line
()You're very brave and willing to try anything
()You have a strong sense of responsibility
(x)You love helping others and get upset when you're incapable of doing so
()It's hard for you to do anything "bad" or "evil"

(x)Rarely act mature
()You're laid back and never worry
(x)You like jokes and are funny
(x)You like giving advice, but sometimes they vary between good and bad
(х)You can be irresponsible at times
(x)You love to eat
(x)You may be fickle or inconsistent with your thoughts
(x)You have a short attention span and may drop conversations easily
()You are very religious and have a strong belief
(x)You are imaginative and creative

()You like to travel and do exotic things
(x)You're very rebellious and don't listen to what others say
(x)You have a strong love for music
(x)You're very mischievous and aren't intimidated by anything
(x)Others may describe you as mysterious
()You're very emotional 
(x)You're independent
(x)You may get annoyed easily
(x)You have a close group of friends that are important to you
(x) When you dislike someone you show aggression towards them rather than trying to burn down the hatch 

Hunson Abadeer
()You may seem cold and emotionless
()You are rational
()You are very analytical
()You have a sense of humor
(x)You like it when things are done your way
()You may have a tendency of bossing others around just to get your way
()You're manipulative
(x)You are intelligent
()You're crafty and sneaky
()You dislike most people but get really impressed when they do something impressive

Princess Bubblegum
(x)You are a leader
(x)You are a perfectionist
(x)You're amiable and nice
(x)You're friendly and love others
(x)Even though you're usually nice and sweet, you may get malicious when crossed
(x)You like science
()You're noble and have high morals
()You're organized
()You like parties and events
()You have lots of fears

()You may like attention or seek attention from others
(x)You can be a bit selfish at times
(x)You show little to no concerns at times
(x)You get upset when things don't go your way
(x)You dislike getting ignored
()You may complain a lot
(x)You misinterpret things and jump to conclusions
(x)You make fun of people, even if it's silently
(x)You tend to lose your temper
()You like flirting and always think about the boys/girls

Ice King
(х)You are lonely most of the time
(x)Some people consider you annoying
(x)You are occasionally disagreeable
(x)You have a short-temper
()You are arrogant
(x)You have poor social skills
(x)You're misunderstood
(x)You're actually quite benign and kind
()You're desperate for love
(x)You're weird

Flame Princess
(x)You don't think anyone would actually like you
(x)You are a bit unstable
(x)You're quick to jump to conclusions
(x)You may seem mildly aggressive at times
(x)You have a fickle personality and it changes from moody to easy-going
(x)You're difficult
(x)You're learning how to be able to handle pain
(x)You are curious and are interested in learning new things
(x)You try covering up pain inside
(x)You change your mind a lot



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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hey! Um, obviously Mystic isn't my real name, but its what everybody calls me. I am an author, artist, poet, and completely random person. Only the randomness is done professionally. I'm also an otaku. For those of you who don't know what that means, an otaku is someone who loves anime. I watch Bleach, Death Note, Inu x Boku SS, Hetalia, .Hack//roots, .Hack//sign, Vampire Knight, Black Butler, Black Cat, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc. Stuff like that.


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